About Us

Bakery Sugarcraft & it's team have drawn on continuous baking industry knowledge for many years. Originally founded by Peter & Diane Noble in 1985 who previously had owned and managed bakeries & cake shops since 1962.

This long association has helped Bakery Sugarcraft gain industry experience as a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, exporter and retailer, enabling us to lead the market in new and innovative ideas. Our never ending quest to provide exciting products coupled with a commitment to being an industry leader has helped promote Bakery Sugarcraft to the highest level in this market. These high standards are constantly monitored to ensure they comply with the HACCP food industry quality management system implemented in November 2001. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service, has seen our team grow into a group of positive, bright, energized and enthusiastic individuals ready to help you and your business. Our mission is to supply customers with the best possible product at the best possible price, as fast and efficiently as possible.

Bakery Sugarcraft still to this day remains a privately owned family business that operates on ethical standards that guide every decision. Integrity, honesty and equality are values that are integral to our success and business culture.

Why Bakery SugarCraft?

Our respect for and development of people creates a great work environment. We encourage new ideas, support innovation and reasonable risk-taking to build on the strengths and talents of every individual.

Our passion for customer solutions drives excellence in our products and services. We exceed customer's expectations by combining our baking heritage with emerging trends.

Our culture of continuous improvement fosters an environment of change. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We continually reinvent our processes, products and practices to ensure our success.

Our belief that everything we do has some impact on the environment influences the decisions we make. We believe it is our responsibility to operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner.

Bakery SugarCraft
If you want- Innovative, Unique & Premium Quality Products

Quite simply, we bring you the newest and the best premium-quality products that lead the industry; unique products with market-tested customer appeal. We offer distinctive, innovative products that are specifically designed to boost your bakery's sales and profitability. We keep you up to date with global trends.

Our Team

Owner & DirectorScott Noble
ANZ Operations ManagerDouglas Rowley
AccountantTracey Pugliano
Accounts ManagersNada Luschwitz
Belinda Noble
Procurement ManagerGreg Turner
Senior Business ManagerJodie Bain
Business Development ManagersPetah Dwyer
Krystie Lewis
Virginia Kirwan
Kate Chamberlain
Dannielle Tyler
Warehouse TeamGrant Butler
Uman Prakash
Romel Estiqoy
Rodelio Dela Cruz
Gerardo Tomas
Fiona Mafi
Lisa Lavender
ShowroomDianna Carver
Joanne Farrugia
Diane Noble
DesignerShannon De Giorgio
Quality AssuranceRoger Bilmoria
Peter Noble